Dining Room Decoration Tips

Dining Room Decoration Tips

In every household, the dining room is the perfect place to receive guests and welcome them with a home cooked meal. Whether your home decor style is rustic, modern, coastal, or minimalistic, the feel of the dining room sets the mood for any gathering. We put together some useful tips for creating your dream dining room!

1. Work with the space you have

The feel of a dining room can be greatly influenced by how you use the space while decorating. If there is a large amount of space, going for a large, grand table that can hold many guests will create a lavish feel to the room. However, if the room is smaller, buying a cozier table that will allow your family to connect with each other will make the dining room the heart of your home. Some dining rooms benefit from having a bar in the room, but others simply do not have the space for it. If that is the case for you, a long, thin side table against the wall is a great place to have picture frames and flowers to spice the room up. 

2. Add some artwork

The decorations in a room truly show off a person’s design taste. If the walls are bare, the room is going to feel bland and impersonal. Buying or commissioning artwork to your taste is a wonderful way to influence the room with your style. Art is everywhere, and playing around with it while designing your dream dining room will allow you to tap into your creative side. Art does not necessarily just mean paintings. Art can include ornate mirrors, wall sculptures, hanging pieces, and photographs. If the feel of your dining room is more elegant and refined, ornate mirrors and minimalist paintings will beautifully compliment the rest of the room. If the room is cozier or more rustic, family photographs and landscape art will better accompany your taste. Picking art for a dining room should be fun, not stressful. There are plenty of design ideas all over the internet for you to play around with, but stay true to the style you choose when shopping for decorations. 

3. Focus on lighting 

Lighting in a room sets the mood. Ornate chandeliers with whiter light can set an elegant mood and allow for everything in the room to be seen. Yellow light can create a warmer, more romantic feel to the dining room, but should probably be paired with natural light during the day to avoid the room feeling too dark. If your dining room has large windows, the daylight is going to eliminate the need for artificial lighting during the day, and should be considered when choosing how many lights to include. Avoiding fluorescents is important, as they wash people out and are not flattering. You want the lighting of a room to complement the mood, not take over. Understanding what works best in your home is a useful tool to develop and focus on.

We recommend you to take your time while considering these decoration factors, and play around with what you truly think would complement your style and goals. 

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